Fighting against the wind - Hysteroscopy 2017
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Fighting against the wind

Fighting against the wind!!


Today, it is a problem to be an idealist. To bring together the best hysteroscopists; experts in different subjects of the hysteroscopy under the same roof is something almost impossible. To gather around 1500 Hysteroscopy lovers in one congress is simply crazy.

But this is our dream. As doctors we have to look for the best knowledge and to know the different techniques to help our patients. A Global Congress on Hysteroscopy will achieve this purpose.

Please, help us to spread the Word about this event. If you are a Hysteroscopy Lover, share this post with your colleagues, your residents, in your Clinic or hospital. EVERYBODY must know about this congress. Your help is needed to spread the hysteroscopy worldwide!!

Unfortunately, today is impossible to carry out a project like this without the support of the medical industry. They
are our “Big Brothers” and they are giving us their support. Thanks to those companies who are helping with this project and also to those which will support us in the near future

We’re fighting against the wind…but we have the medical industry with us!!!