A “GLOBAL” event, what does it mean? - Hysteroscopy 2017
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A “GLOBAL” event, what does it mean?

We are organizing the first Global Congress on Hysteroscopy, but is it really “GLOBAL”?

Nowadays many events like to define themselves as global and they justify it, based on having participants of al over the world. In a way it is kind of global.

I ask myself if, in terms of a Congress on a surgery technique or procedure, it is enough to have participants/speakers from different continents/countries.

In our specialty, like in many other sectors, there are societies. Those societies are structured in pyramidal way. Sometimes there is an International Society, then a Regional/Continental Society and finally the National Local Societies.

In our way of seeing it, a GLOBAL Congress should combine ALL the international societies and this is our big achievement.

In Gynecology Endoscopy there are the following societies




ISGE: International Society

AAGL: American Society

ESGE: European Society

APAGE: Asian-Pacific Society

MESGE: Middle East Society


Our Congress can be officially defined as a GLOBAL congress due to the participation of ALL the International/Regional/Continental societies and also the participation of Local/National societies from more than 20 countries (we are expecting more) to join).

We believe that the Global Congress on Hysteroscopy is going to be a unique event due to the participation of the highest regarded professionals in the world, with the scientific collaboration of ALL the Gynecology Endoscopy International Societies.

From the great amount of support we have gained, our scientific program is so complete and engaging.


Our event is not to be missed – May 2017 in Barcelona, Spain



For more information: secretary@hysteroscopy2017.com