Trainee Session –“Becoming an Hysteroscopist” - Hysteroscopy 2017
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Trainee Session –“Becoming an Hysteroscopist”

How are new hysteroscopists created? Is there a perfect training program? What is the best program? When is the best moment to start a program?
Those are some of the questions a trainee or a young gynecologist may ask oneself. It may seem something banal but it is the future of hysteroscopy which we are talking about.




Hysteroscopy has been developing at an increasing rate during the past years, more procedures with new techniques that are becoming more complex make us wonder and ask ourselves if the current training programs have adapted in content and time to the new hysteroscopy reality.




During the Global Congress on Hysteroscopy a session for trainees and young specialists will be held. We consider this sessions as a very important part of the Congress due to the topic.




We want to analyze the different learning programs for hysteroscopy around the world from leading and experienced professors. The different programs will be shown and then we will open a discussion to the public. You will be able to decide which is the best program adapted to your necessities, help to improve the programs or design a new one adapted to your real-life and also to make any suggestions.




The first 250 trainees/young gynecologist (first 5 years as specialists) will be able to be present. After receiving your accreditation in the congress desk, an invitation will be given on request.
If you are interested, please send an email to and reserve your place for this session.
More details will follow…